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Things not to do when being held accountable

So, I though that a post on my Instagram grid with as many words as I’m known to cram into small space wouldn’t be enough to hold everything I’d like to say about what’s going on with Ravelry. Before we dive in, I’ll also take a minute to ask you to be respectful of each other in this conversation. We may disagree and be angry at each other, but it’s never an excuse to be trans-phobic, to dead-name and misgender people. It’s also no excuse to use slurs and LGBTQ-phobic…

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Web Accessibility Resources

So, I started this blog following the issues the new Ravelry design made for many of their users. You can learn more about it in this blog post. Here are some resources I use and refer to in my professional life, that may come in handy if you’re looking into improving the accessibility of your website or app. Website W3C introduction to Web Accessibility – this page is an excellent starting point to get some general sense of what web accessibility is. I would also advise to read the content…

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