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My new summer favourite : the Beachcomb tee

At the end of June, I only had big projects on my hands and I was in need of a quick knit and something that was more of a summer item too.

I have a confession to make though : about 95% of my stash is wool. And we have very hot and humid summers in Quebec, so woolly items don’t get a lot of wear during this time of the year.

I wanted to make something versatile and easy to wear and just when I was on the lookout, Tif Neiland released the pattern of her Beachcomb tee which was exactly what I was looking for : quick, simple, size inclusive and it would give me an excuse to finally try the herringbone stitch!

Close up picture of a small knitted up section of the beachcomb tee featuring the herringbone stitch

A bit earlier this year, I had bought some Sandnes Garn Tynn Line, in dark blue (6364). It’s a fingering weight yarn composed of 53% cotton, 33% viscose and 14% linen, sold in 50gr (220m) balls. It’s absolutely not the kind of yarn recommended for the pattern but since I was aiming for a loser fit, I decided to go ahead nonetheless.

Close up picture of 2 skein of Tynn Line yarn from Sandnes Garn in a dark blue shade

In the end, I used only 3.5 skein of the Tynn Line, which makes for about 770m of yarn, a very very surprising amount for me who’s used to bigger meterage on my tops!


I have a 44″ bust circumference and I like my clothes to have positive ease, especially in the summer, so I settled for the size 5, with a finished bust circumference of 50″. I also accounted for the fact that I have a tight gauge and that I was working with a 0 elasticity yarn.

Any responsible knitter would have knitted a swatch but I’m also not the kind of person that does a lot of swatching unless I really have a doubt on the yarn behavior. So far, I seemed to be either lucky or have a good eye to match my knitting gauge and what I want to make because I’ve never had serious issues!

I followed to pattern exactly, needle sizes included, except for two tiny modifications I had to do to accommodate the yarn I was using.

Neckline mod

I went down to a 3.5mm needle to knit the I-cord edging of the neckline and did some decreases on the front (k2tog every ~10sts). Since the yarn has zero bounce back, the cord edging in the normal needle size kept rolling over showing the pickup line. Doing the decreases and going for a smaller needle worked like a charm and the blocking help settled the stitches properly as well.

Close up of the neckline of the beachcomb tee

Bottom edging mod

The other mod I did, was to do a small twisted ribbing band instead of the I-cord edging of the bottom hem. It gave more weight to the bottom of the top and help showing the herringbone stitch section better. I could have worked a couple more rows but I like it as is.

Close up picture of the bottom hem of the bechcomb tee featuring a small 1 by 1 twisted ribbing section

Pattern review

The pattern is well written and easy to follow, Tif explains really well how to do the herringbone stitch, which I had never done before and I really like the result of the stitch in the yarn I’ve chosen and I’ll definitely use it again.

The pattern offer a very wide range of sizes with detailed measurement and I think the bottom-up construction and A-line/boxy fit allows for easy mods if you want tighter armholes or adjust the length to suit your needs.

All in all, it makes for a very cute and versatile top that I can wear casually or under a jacket and that’s very comfortable and breathable!

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